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[Guide] - Crusader (Full Int)

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[Guide] - Crusader (Full Int)  Empty [Guide] - Crusader (Full Int)

Post by Panda on Sun Oct 30, 2011 2:14 pm

Like a Star @ heaven Crusader Like a Star @ heaven

This is a guide on how to become a very good Crusader. Smile
If you're on a budget, this is the best class for you.


Doesn't matter, but I recommend that you go Elf, since it give you more HP and Such.


Like a Star @ heaven Can kill pretty good with magic based skills (1-2 hits aoe at higher levels).
Like a Star @ heaven You will be able to mob monsters very well if you have an octo.
Like a Star @ heaven Can fool other people that you're a mage. haha
Like a Star @ heaven You save a lot of money going this class. trust me. Wink You don't really need pots.


Like a Star @ heaven I don't really see any cons in this, because it is so good to me.

Like a Star @ heaven Paths Like a Star @ heaven

This paths will ensure that you can still mob monsters and survive while leveling your character. It is the best path for a crusader. Please do not go any other path as you really need tanking abilities and high defense.

Fighter --> Guard --> Infantry ---> Palanx ---> Crusader

Like a Star @ heaven Stats Like a Star @ heaven

Since you're going to be a magical knight you will need full int! Don't worry about your hp, because going through those job path you will be able to mob monster and kill fast. You have to ride an octo first before you go killing monsters.

---> Full int

Like a Star @ heaven Skills You Must Learn as a Crusader Like a Star @ heaven

After re-skilling many times I know what you must learn! Yes, I'm trying to help you out here so that you can be an awesome crusader and be great at what you're doing.


Like a Star @ heaven Holy Avenger (Max) This is a finish off AOE
Like a Star @ heaven Thundering Death (Max) This is your main AOE Skill
Like a Star @ heaven Rage Strike (Max) This is your main single attack skill

Like a Star @ heaven Attract Circle (LVL 1) Do not max, unless you want to help out newbies

Useful Skills/Buffs (Whatever you call them)

Like a Star @ heaven Relaxation (Max) This is great for regenerating your MP and HP once in a while
Like a Star @ heaven Shield Barrier (Max) This is for emergency shielding, great blocking


Like a Star @ heaven Solid Shield (Max) This will help increase your shield % of Defense
Like a Star @ heaven Mental Vortex (Max) Will increase your magical attack by a lot!
Like a Star @ heaven Mana Storm (Max) Dramatically increase your MP
Like a Star @ heaven Armor Synchro (Max) Will increase your speed, very useful


Like a Star @ heaven Heavy Armor Expertise (Max) This will help increase your physical defense

This is it! I hope you enjoy your Crusader! Smile Feel free to learn skills that you find helpful in early classes. You can reset your skills when you reach crusader and learn all the skills that are listed in this guide.

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