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I am the new one

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I am the new one Empty I am the new one

Post by Rai-Ger on Sat Dec 03, 2011 2:49 pm

like the Title said im the new one =)

My Name is Patrick im 22 Years old and i found our Forum via Google *lol* bcause i looked for some Guids in shipwreck xD.

ok to my Person im From Germany so my English is not one of the best but i hope u can understand my Speech.

i play Luna for 5 Years now and started over again on Eclipse my Fav is the Rough TH Build =) i made ma own and it works Perfect Very Happy

I hope we all understand us perfect and can work hand in hand together to Build up the Strongest and famoust Guild in Luna Plus =)

every one is Calling me Rai bcause of some of my old nicks Raika or NeoRaiger

feel free to ask me some things u want to know =)

Greetings to everyone from Germany

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